My name is Worthy Stokes.


I studied Dzogchen for a decade with the foremost Tibetan teacher, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, and in 2014 I survived a near fatal brain injury overseas that catapulted me into a Near Death Experience lasting for 2 hours while I hemorrhaged from being hit by a 15 passenger van. Against all odds, I lived.

This life altering event changed me forever.

I now live with deep, cosmic awareness alongside emotional pain, differently abled challenges, fatigue, and chronic stress resulting from anosmia (loss of smell), ageusia (loss of taste), and altitudinal hemianopia (horizontal vision loss) + motion blindness.

More than 25,000 people worldwide have meditated with me on Insight Timer, the largest meditation app. My master class in healing is available on the Saged App, which is a female owned tech company. Those insta handles are: @insighttimer and @ sagedapp. My meditation technique is endorsed by the LA based nonprofit, Artists for Trauma.

My HeartMind Meditation process is based on my NDE and - personal experience across more than 10 years of serious meditation practice integrated with research in the field of relational neuroscience; this method alleviates physical distress, reduces anxiety, and nourishes your innate soul intelligence. I am a transformational coach, a trauma expert, and a thought leader in the field of spirituality.

People come to me with big questions, difficult challenges, and sacred inquiry. I don't teach that something is wrong with you, or that you need to be fixed. I teach presence, which naturally morphs into effortless transformation and deep connection with this life. I am practical, mystical, and devoted to the radical power of compassion towards oneself.

My mission is to transform your understanding of trauma, your relationship with your soul, and your life as the breathing, divine blueprint of what you already know. I introduce you to the guru within. This life is awaiting your arrival. Welcome home.

Like many of us, I inherited spiritual gifts alongside intergenerational wounding patterns - and a powerful intellect. I was a very smart kid. When, as an adult, I survived a near fatal brain injury abroad, I chose to return to my body.

My life and work at the nexus of spiritual awakening, attachment trauma, CPTSD, grief, energy medicine, and neuroscience reflects a lifetime of extraordinary, deep experience. My journey into Death and back into my body was my ultimate, spiritual transmission.


HeartMind Meditations™

HeartMind Meditations™ are available 24/7 on Insight Timer, the world's largest meditation app. More than 8,000 beautiful humans from across the globe have practiced with me. My heart travels with you. Love, Worthy


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