Worthy Stokes

I was hit by a van at the age of 34 and lost my mind in a foreign country. My Near Death Experience lasted 2 hours. Meditation and real love saved my life. Some call me a miracle.


I was born with spiritual gifts and an extraordinary intellect. But as a gifted teenager at a prestigious boarding school where everyone expected me to thrive, attachment trauma and highly competitive stress unequivocally shattered me. The pressure to succeed was relentless, and I could no longer function. Back then the mental health field did not yet understand trauma, so I met with neuroscientists, shamans, rolfers, sound experts, healers of all kinds. I began to see the nervous system as a quantum field of living intelligence. But I was still in pain. My anxiety became so severe that I stuttered in college classes and avoided others. In spite of my exceptional intelligence and broad leadership experience, I nearly failed out. I graduated in five years instead of four. The terrible pain drove me on a quest for answers: into meditation and Dzogchen, into Wilderness, and into brain research. In between consulting contracts I scheduled sessions: EMDR and Somatic Experience, Reiki, constitutional homeopathy, neutriceuticals, craniosacral massage, acupuncture, chiropractors, energy medicine, tantra, gurus...I experimented with cultish systems like Human Design and Osho meditations; the list went on and on. So when I survived complex brain trauma and multi-sensory loss while traveling abroad, I had already tested and learned everything there was to learn about trauma, healing, and spirituality. Most notably, I had practiced extensively with one of the greatest Dzogchen masters of our time. But my Near Death Experience and a broken skull took all I had learned to a new level. With brain injury and intercultural conflict as my backdrop, layers of attachment trauma and intergenerational trauma were fully exposed; for months I teetered between suicidal ideation and awakening. My bizarre catastrophe became my laboratory, my soul became my North Star, and my physical injuries became my exam. My entire life depended on my ability to heal, and failure wasn't an option. I navigated buckling, intermittent waves of spiritual transfiguration in the aftershocks of awakening. I pushed forward. My understanding of consciousness changed. My body changed. My understanding of healing changed. I met the love of my life in the midst of chaos. I moved to NYC. I started a company. I applied to Harvard and got rejected. Over and over, I was defeated, and I kept going, and over time marvelous things happened, again and again. My mystical dance with Life and Death (and everything in between) evolved into an initiatory path beyond imagination. My ability to transform pain into possibility is a gift I've cultivated for years; for more than two decades I studied with healers and scientists to understand the power of presence...at a level that transcends every religion, culture, and mind. I am a cosmic messenger, a walking miracle, a meditation teacher, and a kind of spiritual transformation maverick for CEOs, coaches, healers, and change agents seeking high vibe, tangible guidance. My expertise is life and love after trauma. Now based in NYC, I produce HeartMind Meditations™ and continue to work privately with clients across the country. ANYTHING is possible;)


Work with me one on one to experience holistic transformation, shift from pain to possibility, and activate your quantum field.

I'm ready to fly.

HeartMind Meditations™

HeartMind Meditations™ are available 24/7 on Insight Timer, the world's largest meditation app. More than 8,000 beautiful humans from across the globe have practiced with me. My heart travels with you. Love, Worthy


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