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Doing one on one work with healers, coaches, and mentors RADICALLY accelerated my journey as a spiritually advanced, adventurous soul. My 2 hour experience with Death and the return to this life catapulted me into a new level of expertise. And I brought all of that light back - for you.


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TRANSFORMATIONAL teaching, HEALING + coaching 

Doing one on one work with healers, coaches, and mentors RADICALLY accelerated my journey as a spiritually advanced, adventurous soul. My 2 hour experience with Death and the return to this life catapulted me into a new level of expertise. I brought all of that light back - for you.

I have worked with Rinpoches, shamans, transpersonal psychologists, neuroscientists, and others for years to access my real power, master my kundalini energy, activate my strength, learn new ways of being, catapult my business forward, harness the power of my cosmic energy, perfect my intuitive gifts, transcend what others believe, overcome attachment trauma, cultivate an advanced meditation practice...the list goes on.
I didn't seek a coach or mentor because I couldn't keep a job or make it through the day. I worked with masterful teachers, because I have known (for as long as I can remember) that this is my one wild, precious life. I wanted TO SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND in this physical world. I wanted to FEEL good as a spirit in human skin.
I wanted to find my PURPOSE. Since I've always been ahead of the curve, I have needed customized, bespoke support with someone one on one who actually GETS ME. I wanted a healing ally and a manifestation partner, so I could be held accountable for leveling up NO MATTER WHAT in my journey of a spirit having a human experience. If you want to read about my journey, or see my growth in action, check out my Instagram. Scroll down and read from a few years back - you will see how investing time and money into my healing process resulted in MASSIVE shifts in my wellness, creative expression, my business growth, my spiritual growth, my financial growth, and the way I show up in the world. For example, one of my mentors is an energy healer and shaman who came back from TWO Near Death Experiences. When I get stuck, I call him (#obvi;). Don't do this whole evolving-through-life thing alone. We belong to each other.
  • I work with people who are ready to do their work and enjoy the growth process of becoming more joyful, more aligned with the cosmic self, brighter, freer, and more powerful in these chaotic times.
  • I work with people who are EXCITED to invest time and money into growth and development! Who show up EXCITED to dive in. My clients have included attorneys, CEOs, trauma survivors, coaches, spiritual healers, moms, tech industry leaders, counselors, education experts, and more.
  • I work with people who also inspire me, who LOVE to enjoy the collaborative process of evolution, laugh, and aren't afraid of stepping outside comfort zones when I push them to their edges. They want that! They love transformation! They aren't afraid to be vulnerable or brave or authentic. Cause they wanna grow BIG and they are READY for blast off.
  • I work with people who are afraid of death or lost someone special and need a gifted, spiritual awakening boss to support the scary terrain of turning pain into possibility after mind numbing grief. They aren't afraid to face dark, scary thinking and step out into the light with me. They want to LIVE this LIFE!
I use a variety of tools based on each clients needs. For a client with business goals, we may do more planning, coaching, and manifestation work with my high vibe strategic guidance and quantum energy medicine.  For a client wanting to heal trauma, we may do more meditation work, attachment exercises, energy work, grounding processes, and a special process of working at the level of mind, heart and breath. For a healer experiencing burnout, boredom, or plateaus, I may apply highly advanced quantum healing processes to uplevel the spiritual gifts that already exist. Regardless of the needs of a client, I use as combination of intuitive coaching, advanced consciousness and energy work, manifestation principles, and spiritual teachings based on my 2 hour Near Death Experience alongside 20 years of learning with the greatest teachers of our time.
We open a door together, get into a zone weekly, and mystical things happen. Yes, sometimes Guides or Spirits show up. Yes, you may find me sending you on a vision quest or a scavenger hunt.  Yes, you may spend a whole session laughing. Or sobbing.  I may lead you in a HeartMind practice designed to encode you with special transmissions. Or we may figure out your next big masterpiece. Its a beautiful mystery we unfold together. On the first session though, we deep dive into what is going on with you, what you need, whats inspiring you, what you want more of and we take it from there!
If you feel called to work together, we hop on a call to chat about it, and I create a 3 month, 6 month, or one year program to fit your needs, send you a proposal, and then we dive in. When we do this work together we are entering into a relationship that is co-creative and very special, so it's SUPER important that we both feel 100% inspired by each other and excited to spend time together each week making mystical life even MORE WORTHY, co-creating your life, elegantly healing, and diving into unknown depths together. If all of this excites you and you feel READY, let's chat about it on a call!
Don't worry, you'll have a chance to share more on a special form, when you schedule with me.

HEALING SESSIONS I offer one off healing sessions where we use meditation, special elements of advanced consciousness and energy medicine from my Near Death Experience, and writing exercises to assist you on your inner journey. This work can be intense and often reconstructs your energetic blueprint, so please only inquire if you are ready to open up in big ways and face whatever rises to the surface. I offer integration suggestions and tips as well to keep the energy flowing. Done in NYC and via Skype or Zoom. If a one off session sounds like something you need, schedule a chat with me below!

Wanna Work With Me?

Let's hop on a call and see if NOW is a good time for us to connect, transform, and nurture your life with the miracle that is you.


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"What will you do with this one wild and precious life?"

Mary Oliver

Wanna Work With Me?

Let's hop on a call together and see if now is a good time for us to connect, transform, and nurture the miracle that is you.


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