Woke and Wired Podcast

Worthy talks with @breakfastcriminals about meditation, a Near Death Experience, and neuroscience.

Today I Am Podcast

Worthy talks with @laurynmiranda about HeartMind meditations, authenticity, and practicing presence as a trauma survivor. Link below.

Spirit Guides Radio

Episode 37: Life Lessons with Worthy Stokes

Worthy discusses healing from trauma, a brush with Death, and life lessons for presence. Worthy Stokes talks with co-hosts Arizona Bell and Morgan Garza. Catch up on love, light and black holes.

Woke and Wired Podcast

Episode 09: A Near Death Experience, Creativity, HeartMind Wisdom and The Power Of Presence

HeartMind Meditation Teacher Worthy Stokes miraculously survived a traumatic brain injury and consciously came back from a near-death experience to bring wisdom about consciousness, presence and heart wisdom.

Worthy Stokes Teaches HeartMind Meditations on Insight Timer

Worthy is a polytrauma brain injury survivor with an ability to uplift individuals at the deepest levels of neurological intelligence. She is a gifted meditation teacher with charismatic presence. Her compassionate insights reflect years of mystical study worldwide and more than a decade of advanced practice.

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